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From the picturesque ports of Honfleur on France's "Côte Fleurie" (Flower Coast) to Porto, Lisbon and the sheltered beaches of the Canary Islands, the Atlantic Ocean is scattered with jewels dotted around the coasts of France, Spain and Portugal. Madeira, the Azores, the Bissagos Islands and the islands of Cape Verde off the coast of Africa open the doors to a world of peace and tranquillity, unspoiled nature and ancestral traditions. The sense of a complete change of scene here is total, the feeling of delight and enchantment utter and entire.

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Lisbon - Saint-Malo
9 nights on board
17/04/2021 to the 26/04/2021
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Saint-Malo - Glasgow, Scotland
8 nights on board
26/04/2021 to the 04/05/2021
Saint-Malo - Saint-Malo
7 nights on board
21/09/2021 to the 28/09/2021
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Barcelona - Lisbon
7 nights on board
07/10/2021 to the 14/10/2021
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Ponta Delgada, Azores - Ponta Delgada, Azores
7 nights on board
06/04/2022 to the 13/04/2022

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Why tour the Atlantic coast?

We often think of them as stormy and inhospitable. Yet, to travel along the Atlantic coasts of Europe and Africa and be faced with the beauty and majesty of the scenery and destinations is to experience a compelling sense of peace and tranquillity. Here are three reasons to sail the Atlantic coast.

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Essential Atlantic Coast

From Brittany to the Bissagos Islands, via the Spanish and Portuguese coasts, Madeira and the Azores, a cruise along the Atlantic coast of Europe and Africa is sure to provide interesting encounters and an opportunity to get acquainted with amazing cultures while you travel through a mosaic of contrasting landscapes. You're sure to have a fantastic time. Below is what we recommend you do in the Atlantic region.

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