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The Northwest Passage evokes both immaculate landscapes and the great explorers who have attempted the adventure of the Great North to find this now iconic route. Taking this labyrinth of waterways beyond the Arctic Circle is the ultimate journey for adventurers looking for thrills. 

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Reykjavík - Nome, Alaska
24 nights on board
12/08/2024 to the 05/09/2024
Kangerlussuaq - Nome, Alaska
Flight Paris/Kangerlussuaq + transfers + Flight Nome/Seattle
22 nights on board
28/08/2024 to the 19/09/2024

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Must-dos - Northwest Passage

Reaching the North Pole: a dream for many travellers passionate about exploration. But what can you see during a cruise through the Northwest Passage, the entry point into the Great North, that is still so rarely visited?

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All about the the Northwest Passage

Today, the Northwest Passage is within reach for certain modern, privileged explorers, who adventure in higher latitudes. Here is a summary of this iconic place, which has always been the subject of fantasies and was only discovered fairly recently.

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All about the the Northwest Passage

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