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Ice shelves, unexplored islands, unconquered peaks rising out of the mist, gigantic tabular icebergs, emperor penguins, relics of the first explorers to reach the South Pole... The extreme south of the Antarctic beyond the polar circle opens its doors to the adventurous traveller.

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Ushuaia - Hobart, Tasmania
Overnight in Santiago + flight Santiago/Ushuaia + transfers
29 nights on board
16/01/2026 to the 15/02/2026

Price is per person, based on double occupancy, based on availability, and subject to change at any time. The category of stateroom to which this price applies may no longer be available.

Highlights - Extreme South of the Antarctic

Beyond the peninsula and the 66th parallel lie virgin coasts, virtually unexplored islands and seas bordered by immense ice shelves extending to the very far reaches of the Antarctic. Visit and explore these mysterious regions at the gateway to the South Pole.

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