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Lizard Island is the northernmost resort Island on the Great Barrier Reef and boasts 24 powdery white sand beaches. Dominated by grasslands, the rugged beauty of Lizard Island contrasts sharply with the sparkling blue waters and rich fringing coral reefs surrounding the island. Lizard Island is known as Dyiigurra to the Dingaal Aboriginal people and is regarded as a sacred place. It was used for the initiation of young males and for the harvesting of shellfish, turtles, dugongs and fish. The Dingaal believe that the Lizard group of islands had been created in the Dreamtime. After a short zodiac ride to the beach at Watson’s Bay, guests can join a guided walk, relax on the beach or snorkel in the warm clear waters and view the clam gardens…

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Benoa, Bali - Cairns
15 nights on board
01/11/2024 to the 16/11/2024
Cairns - Benoa, Bali
15 nights on board
09/11/2024 to the 24/11/2024

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