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During this unique navigation, suspended in time, admire the fantastic spectacle of the Shackleton Ice Shelf. In the luxurious comfort of Le Commandant Charcot, specially designed for polar exploration, the vast icy expanses of the Antarctic will unfold before your astonished eyes. The air here is imbued with solemn serenity, only broken by the distant cracking of icebergs drifting along the shelf. You will perhaps have the chance to observe the many mammals, such as the whales, seals and penguins, which prosper in these icy waters.

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Hobart, Tasmania - Cape Town
28 nights on board
17/02/2026 to the 17/03/2026

Price is per person, based on double occupancy, based on availability, and subject to change at any time. The category of stateroom to which this price applies may no longer be available.