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Nicolas Dubreuil

Nicolas Dubreuil

Nicolas Dubreuil, aka Niko, discovered the adventure of exploration at the age of 18 in British Columbia. Since then, he has led all sorts of expeditions on foot, by sled, on skis, in kayaks and underwater, from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

In 2001, saved by a Greenlander after a fall under the ice pack, he adopted the Greenlandic motto: “Only time and ice are masters” and decided to buy a house in a small village in the north of Greenland where he learned all the traditional Greenlandic living techniques.

For more than 30 years he has been organising and guiding all kinds of expeditions around the world, especially in the polar regions. His in-depth knowledge of the terrain and the strong links we have forged with indigenous communities allow him to master the environment and work in perfect symbiosis with the best local stakeholders.

Languages spoken: French, English, Greenlandic


Photo credit: ©SEDNA

You will soon be able to travel alongside Nicolas Dubreuil