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Martine Duteil

Martine Duteil

Two routes Ied me to Côté Sud. The first is one of origins. Born in Corsica, the South is inscribed in my DNA. From the perfume of the maquis to that of Fiadone, from the Mar et Monti landscapes to the natural swimming pools, from the wild aridity of Cap Corse to the limestone rocks of Bonifacio, from the family spirit to the actors of this mineral and steep culture, everything here is familiar to me. This anchoring has forged my taste for the acts that shape, the encounters that build, the landscapes like promises of dawn, unfolding in plays of shadow and light at dusk. The second route is a path begun with studies in history and art history, combined with affinities for the decorative arts that have become more precise over time. My desire to combine words and images was confirmed by joining the decoration pages of Madame Figaro. We created impactful scenographies and set installations for both photoshoots and interior design features, while also conducting interviews with leading figures in decoration and design. Later, collaborations with AD, Maison Française, Côté Sud, Côté Ouest, Côté Est, opened the field to other perspectives on this universe. Contacted to support the launch of Côté Paris, I took over as editor-in-chief, then that of Côté Sud, to finally lead the editorial teams of the « Côté » magazines. It is this openness to the World and its humanities, the gestures and know-how, the encounters of talents that are the essence of Côté Sud. And it is a little bit of all this that we want to share with this itinerary under the sign of the « art de vivre » guided by the expertise of Ponant and orchestrated with the collaboration of Sonia Lazzari and the editorial team. As for a magazine summary, the idea is to set sail for the South.

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Photo credit: Christine Solers

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