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Carola Stearns

Carola Stearns

Carola Stearns is a field geologist and geophysicist with over 40 years of experience enthusiastically sharing her fascination with the Earth and how it works. She earned both a master’s and PhD at the University of Michigan, where her research was in tectonics and paleogeography and included a project focused on the southern boundary of the Caribbean plate. Her background includes working in exploration for major oil companies, teaching at universities, and maintaining a research affiliation with the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan.  She has participated on projects with archaeologists on both prehistoric and classical sites around the Mediterranean and in the southwest of the US. Her diverse research interests include tectonics and climatic geomorphology, especially as it relates to human history. She has lectured as a park ranger at the Grand Canyon, on trips for the UM Alumni Association, and in Ann Arbor training docents for the botanical gardens, arboretum, and the public school’s environmental education program. Currently she works part-time as an interpretive guide in Santa Fe. 

Language spoken: English

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