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As you explore the Weddell Sea, you will sail towards the gigantic Larsen Ice Shelf. The beauty of this immense ice formation is fascinating; nonetheless, its monumental size must not make us forget the fragility of its existence. These floating platforms are what protect the continental ice cap – also called the inlandsis – from erosion and are thus of paramount importance for the entire balance of our planet. As you get up close to this equally majestic and vertiginous spectacle, you will really understand the need to protect these ice shelves. Our team of passionate experts will share their knowledge of these ice shelves that create gigantic tabular icebergs – among the largest ever observed - that drift in the Southern Ocean.

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Ushuaia - Ushuaia
Overnight in Santiago + flight Santiago/Ushuaia + transfers + flight Ushuaia/Santiago
12 nights on board
26/12/2023 to the 08/01/2024

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