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A small stretch of land nestling in the Sea of Japan, Sado Island is one of Japan’s unsuspected gems. Here, off the coast of the city of Niigata, time seems to stand still. The traditional wooden houses coexist with a unique natural environment offering a wonderful mix of quiet beaches with crystal-clear water, craggy coastline, wild moors, and splendid rice terraces.  Before the Edo Period, political opponents were exiled on this island. Renowned for its gold mines, active until 1989, Sado distinguishes itself by preserving a cultural heritage with fabulous attractions. Noh theatre is a perfect example. The oldest traditional performing art in Japan, combining dance-drama and pantomime, Noh theatre holds a special place in the history of Sado. The island is world-renowned for this art form.

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Otaru, Hokkaido - Osaka
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